Charlotte Kent's Once Beautiful Property

Some Excerpts from Kent's Point Social Media
The Excerpts Below Are Taken From A Social Media Website About Kent’s Point
  • "Kent's Point unfortunately is overrun by dogs off leashes that are fouling the area and making it unsafe, especially for children. I've had dogs jump on me with muddy paws. One put its teeth on my boy's leg while he was in his stroller.

    Dogs often go wild when they are let loose. Orleans eventually will face a costly lawsuit when someone (inevitably) is attacked by a dog. Kent's Point is a conservation area, not a dog park.

    All wildlife and birds have been scared away by the dogs and the gallons of urine they spray daily, apart from the uncollected fecal matter by the trail and in the woods (and who goes into the woods to scoop up the crap?).

    It's high time for Orleans to create a dog park. Mr. Campbell's suggestion below ignores the bequest by Ms. Kent that made Kent's Point a natural conservation area (not a dog park or private estate) forever.

    The Point certainly would be better managed by a professional organization like the Nature Conservancy; Orleans could transfer title (for a tidy sum) to such an organization that will maintain the Point as intended.

    It's time to ban dogs from Kent's Point and restore it as a safe and quiet place for people (especially children and Orleans taxpayers!) to enjoy a bit of unspoiled nature in Orleans, without being overrun by dogs and people from other towns.

    The Orleans Conservation Commission is headed by a dog owner; he should take the lead in creating a dog park.

    Orleans Town Counsel and Selectmen should take note of the risk and cost of a lawsuit against the town; it will be cheaper to create a dog park like other forward-looking towns (Brewster, Chatham) are doing. There's no hope that Orleans will ever enforce the leash law at Kent's Point.

    In the meantime, Nickerson State Park is just down the road and is dog friendly, lots of space. Dog owners can let their dogs run wild in their own yards, not in a public place and nature conservation area. I love dogs, but not when I see them at Kent's Point."

  • "Despite the crabby neighbors, it's a great place to walk your dog - and it's open to everyone! Please, come on down to Kent's point and be sure to bring your dog!"

  • "Kent's point is one of the greatest assent the Town Of Orleans has. But I think it would save a lot of TIME and MONEY if it were sold to a developer for high priced mansions that would bring in more tax dollars. It would solve the driveway problems for the neighborhood. The money could be used to build a new community building that would serve all ages, not just the old people i.e. senior center/ library/police station/old fire station…."

  • "you should be fighting for a dog park in Brewster. This was to be "passive recreation" for Orleans with Orleans tax dollars"

  • "We had a dog park in Brewster drummer boy park. But the people like you who live in Brewster made the town say no dogs allowed. Don't worry soon enough the people of Orleans like you will win and dogs won't be allowed at Kents either. Actually it won't be long before all the washashores with all the money will take over the cape and ruin it.

  • I would love to post a picture of the town of Orleans leash laws but page won't let me. The law states that dogs must be on leash or under the verbal control of responsible owners."

  • "A developed Kent's Point will never happen and it would be the worst thing. I have lived on Frost Fish Lane since 1968 and Miss Kent sold that property to the town with the understanding that it would remain as a conservation area…"

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